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Massage Therapy And Wellness Treatments

Four Therapies For Life!

Body By Karen


Massage Therapy

Life's tough on your mind - and body. Let me unknot your life, one muscle at a time. 


RAPID NFR Treatment

Struggling with physical pain? RAPID is an incredible hands on therapy with proven results!


Holistic Nutritionist

Struggling with your health? We are what we eat, so I'll help you change your diet - and your life!


Fitness & Yoga Classes

From high impact cardio to blissful zen yoga, exercise can work out your body and soul.

My Approach

Ever noticed how you hurt more after a bad night's sleep? Or how when you've eaten junk food for three nights in a row, you just can't seem to think clearly? As a wellness professional, I'm here to tell you that what we do, how we move, what we eat and how we feel is all connected, part of one big picture that our fast paced, stressed out world doesn't want you to see. 

I specialise in nurturing all parts of my clients: body, mind and soul.

If you're ready to be the very best you, let me help you, today!

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About Karen

As a licensed Registered Massage Therapist and RAPID NeuroFascial Reset Specialist, I've been soothing bodies and minds in beautiful New Brunswick since 2013, but I don't just unknot your muscles! I'm also a holistic nutritionist, personal trainer and Yin Yoga instructor! I can't wait to help you reclaim your life! 

Why Choose Body By Karen for Your Wellness Journey?

No Judgement Help

Holistic Health at Body by Karen

Karen understands that life is hard and wellness is a journey. Wherever you are on your journey, Karen is here to help!

Qualified and Registered

Karen is highly qualified to help you

You deserve the best, most educated therapist looking after your health. Karen is highly trained and licenses in her therapies. 

Help For Body And Mind

Image of a brain

As a RMT and RAPID Specialist, Karen can help with pain, but her PT, Yoga and Holistic Nutritionist skills means she sees the whole picture!

Easy Online Booking

Image of an online booking portal - you can book online with Karen

Book an appointment at a time that suits you, anytime! Karen's online booking system means you can choose and book your appointment easily. 

I had a car accident in 2017. Even though I got treatment from a massage therapist and physiotherapist I did not fully heal. Karen did RAPID on me and in just one treatment I felt relief. I would highly recommend this treatment.

Peggy Dingee

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