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Shin Splint Causes and Relief at Body With Karen, Riverview, New Brunswick

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Unlocking the Secret to Pain-Free Running

Shin splints are the nemesis of many a runner and athlete, characterized by a searing pain along the tibia – that's the shin bone – that can sideline even the most dedicated exercise enthusiasts. As a culprit of overuse, inappropriate footwear, and overtraining, shin splints can derail not only your running program but also your motivation to stay active. Karen, at Body By Karen in Riverview, New Brunswick, approaches shin splint treatment with a holistic blend of massage therapy, RAPID NeuroFascial Reset, Yin Yoga, and personalized training advice.

What Causes Those Pesky Shin Splints?

Before diving into the magic of Karen’s methods, let's understand the enemy we're dealing with – shin splints. The primary causes of shin splints can often be traced back to one's training regimen. Whether you're ramping up miles too quickly, failing to incorporate rest days, or not giving your body enough time to adapt to new or intense workouts, overuse is a well-known instigator. Additionally, improper footwear and biomechanical anomalies like overpronation or flat feet can contribute to this condition.

Tackling the issue head-on requires a multi-dimensional strategy, which is why Karen's approach is so effective.

Karen's Approach to Shin Splint Relief

Massage Therapy: Soothing The Strain

Karen's massage therapy is the cornerstone of her approach to treating shin splints. By targeting the lower leg muscles with specialized techniques, she's able to reduce inflammation, alleviate pain, and initiate the body's natural healing responses. Her personalized approach ensures that the specific needs of each individual are met, promoting a faster recovery and long-term positive outcomes.

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset: Addressing the Nerve

In the world of fast-paced, high-impact activities, including running, the nervous system often takes a beating. Karen's RAPID technique is a game-changer, designed to reset and decompress the affected nerves. By doing so, she not only relieves the symptoms but also tackles the root causes that often linger beneath the surface.

Yin Yoga: Restorative Flexibility

A perfect complement to her massage therapy and RAPID treatments, Karen’s Yin Yoga sessions provide restorative benefits. Yin Yoga focuses on long-held, passive poses that target the connective tissues in and around the muscles of the lower leg. This practice is essential for fostering flexibility and improved range of motion, key elements in the recovery journey back to pain-free exercise.

How to Get Started on Your Journey to Recovery

It's time to kick shin splints to the curb and take that first pain-free step towards your fitness goals. With Karen's expert care and personalized approach, relief is within reach. To get started, visit Body By Karen in Riverview and schedule a treatment session today.


Say goodbye to the pain and hello to the joy of running without limits.

Schedule your session with Karen today, and start enjoying the benefits of her renowned massage therapy, RAPID technique, Yin Yoga, and targeted personal training advice today. Your shins, and your fitness routine, will thank you.

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