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Are you feeling overwhelmed by treatments that seem to only dance around your symptoms rather than than embrace the essence of your wellbeing? 

A woman who is struggling with her health and immunity and general wellness.She is sat in bed wearing a shawl and holding a cup, looking down into the cup.

Does it seem like you go get one problem resolved, only to find another pops up? 

Are you constantly running from one professional to another - going somewhere for your aches and pains, somewhere for your headaches, someone else to try and help you lose weight and somewhere else to try and help you get fit? 

If so, you're not alone! Therapists and healthcare professionals, motivated by finances, have been encouraged to become more and more specialist, focusing on one therapeutic technique. And while it's great to be a specialist, it can mean that they miss the bigger picture: your overall health and wellbeing!

Our modern lifestyle, full of stress and anxiety, can cause us all kinds of problems. You know yourself that when you're stressed any little aches and pains seem to hurt more and that when you hurt more you sleep less.

You'll have noticed how, if you sleep less, you're more tired, so you try and perk yourself up with snacks, junk food and caffeine, but it just seems to give you a momentary rush before plunging you into feeling depressed and low. You feel depressed and fed up....and then you feel like you hurt even more!

Fixing one of these problems will help for a while....but for long lasting change, you need to find a professional therapist who has the skill, expertise and knowledge to tackle everything, so you really can live a happy, healthy life. 


I'm a licensed, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), but I'm also a Yin Yoga Therapist, a RAPID Neurofascial Reset Specialist, a Personal Trainer and a Holistic Nutritionist. 

A woman holds the hands of a young girl and swings her round in a grassy field, suggesting love, play and health.

Karen's Approach To Wellness at Body By Karen

When you come to see me, I can deal with those stress-y knots with my fabulous massage skills

That more difficult, stubborn pain or dysfunction is no match for my RAPID NeuroFascial Reset techniques (there's many RAPID Therapists, but as I'm a RAPID Specialist, you can be confident that I can treat the widest range of ailments out there!). 

My Personal Trainer qualifications means that I'm able to help my clients increase their strength and fitness. You already know that exercise and mobility is good for our physical health, but study after study shows that exercise and physical activity helps reduce anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions. I'll work with you to help you improve your physical and mental health. 

As a Yin Yoga Therapist, I can bring balance – physically, energetically and mentally - into your life, and I'll work with you to help you understand your own personal intuition and show you peace through meditation.

And finally, using my Holistic Nutritionist skills, I'll teach you how to nourish your body with just the right food, to help tackle many of the causes of ill-health and recover it's innate inner strength and healing. 

I'll be your guide, leading you gently away from dysfunction, and uplift you into your most radiant self, where you'll feel rejuvenated and revived. 

If you're ready to step into a world of authentic, enduring wellness, I'm here to help you. 
Book your appointment or call me today!

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